Lyssa Lynn FTW


Posted on: June 22, 2011

So there’s this chick…

And she’s married to this guy (He’s 51!!) ….

Which is okay except..
SHE’S 16!!

Her name is Courtney Stodden and she makes videos on YouTube…sort of. Her music and music videos make Rebecca Black look like Alicia Keys. The guy she married is Doug Hutchinson. He’s an actor and had a roll in Lost. I’m all about love but this is just creepy. He looks creepy and she looks like she’s 30. Why would anybody want to get married at 16 anyways? I smell a girl wanting some fame!  Also, you have to be 18 to get married but don’t worry, the mother AGREED to it. Let’s see how long the happy couple lasts.


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